Writer's Block: Work, work, work

Would you rather work at a job that you enjoy but pays little or work at a miserable job that pays a lot?

Well, I guess it depends. If I did not have to work very long hours at the job that I hated I would probably manage and in my spare time I would use the money and pamper myself, it they required me to work overtime a lot than no, thank you. A lot of stress and no fun - not for me.

The same applies to the job I love but does not pay well. If I had enough free time to maybe get a part-time job on top of that then that would work but being there all day, I do not know, I am young but not that idealistic, you know what I mean ... Someone has to pay the bills and you cannot continue living with your parents forever.

Writer's Block: Crepuscular Drama

Well, I suffered through all books in the series, just because I have never read a worse book, I love vampires and stuff, but she is no Anne Rice and Bella and Edward are no Buffy and Angel. Everywhere I look now everyone is talking about this movie and I am sick of it, the book is bad enough, imagine the movie!

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Hey, I just joined livejournal and I am sooo excited, really.Well, I hope I´ll learn to use it soon,´cause it´s a really cool way of connecting with othe people and fans, really looking forward to it ...
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